Board of Directors

Jo Dobbs : [staff-title]

Jo Dobbs


President - Interlink Real Estate Services, Inc.

Barbara Shtofman : [staff-title]

Barbara Shtofman

Immediate Past President

Community Volunteer

Holley Howard : [staff-title]

Holley Howard

Vice President of Governance

Community Volunteer

Rachel Gee : [staff-title]

Rachel Gee


Director of Fuel Operations - Brookshire Grocery Company

Kris Gusa : [staff-title]

Kris Gusa


CPA Partner - Gollob Morgan Peddy

Brandon Baade : [staff-title]

Brandon Baade

Board Member

Attorney at Law

Jan Barton : [staff-title]

Jan Barton

Board Member

Financial Accountant - Brookshire Grocery Company

Teresa Butcher : [staff-title]

Teresa Butcher

Board Member

Accountant - Gollob Morgan Peddy

Beth Eck : [staff-title]

Beth Eck

Board Member

Community Volunteer

Suzzone Fletcher : [staff-title]

Suzzone Fletcher

Board Member

Gollob Morgan Peddy

Betsy Freeman : [staff-title]

Betsy Freeman

Board Member

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Laura George : [staff-title]

Laura George

Board Member

CEO/President - All Home Infusion Inc.

Joni Harbert : [staff-title]

Joni Harbert

Board Member

Community Volunteer

Brian Pearson : [staff-title]

Brian Pearson

Board Member

New York Life Insurance

Linda Rudd : [staff-title]

Linda Rudd

Board Member

Owner - Dakota's

Kelly Sanders : [staff-title]

Kelly Sanders

Board Member

President, American State Bank

Andrea Smith : [staff-title]

Andrea Smith

Board Member

Director, Browning Learning Academy

Shirley Snodgrass : [staff-title]

Shirley Snodgrass

Board Member

Gollob Morgan Peddy

Janice Swink : [staff-title]

Janice Swink

Board Member

Community Volunteer


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